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Juniper Harlow Ak Ana-Alara

(Chosen - Given/Known By - Home Planet-Research Region)

32, April 30 bday, gal, 5'7“ and like 150ish, grey hair (oof that stress), green eyes, tan/olivey skin

Average nerd gal obsessed with how humans and animals work from adolesence (details from planet's history and research travels here)

Lots of books/art/culture/etc. - very much a media horse

Living on planet in her fam req. researching alternatives for home planet in light of their dwindling resources – her “chosen” name (or whatever those are called when you get one from some kind of event…) comes from her finding a really helpful class of juniper before she goes to college

breezes thru first term of college on her general knowledge; living her anatomical and animal dreamz

but then . . . dun dun dun, drafted into the war ™ and sent into the army. drafted to the sfaalic side.

While in the army, has a support role (sad nurse? kind of pathetic surgical assistant??)

is part of a disastrous battle - absolute slaughter fest (cool) - i blame my commander (name) - correctly -is responsible but pins the whole thing on me and becomes my enemy.

he - commander (name) - tries to become a politician and iain's char. is also an enemy of his because of subsequent journalistic coverage (aided by my info) aaron's char. rolls in and amplifies our message – gets his lil punk rockers to fight for our cause.

disastrous battle gets me kicked out of the army - boo - no benefits.

seeking to escape my commander's sabotage, etc. i become a colonist on planet (name)

very good gig for me - similar to my adolescence, really vibing - rewarded for my diligence with rank 1 colonist status (yeehaw plants).

see various other promotions roll on in; unstoppable colonial force out here nbd.

retire from this service with modest sum, but lots of exp. with flora/fauna and general big ol' intelligence for life on planets in these parts.

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