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Alara is an eyeball planet orbiting the dwarf star Temez Ri with a period of about 11 days. It exerts a gravitational pull of 0.64g near its surface and has an average atmospheric pressure at sea level of 90 kPa. It is populated by a variety of lifeforms. Most organisms settle within a twilit temperate band between 300 and 400 miles across. Other hardier forms of life have been found to live within a vast desert on the planet's bright side and beneath a thick ice sheet on the planet's dark side.

Temez Ri is the largest star in a ternary dwarf system, accompanied by Kujas and Armok An.

Alara is a colony of Ak Ana with a few settlements for agricultural and scientific research.

Day side of Alara. Its two small moons are visible on the right side and bottom-left corner.

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